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1. How can I learn more about properties for sale and for rent at The Oaks of Woodlake?
  An excellent resource for learning about available real estate properties is the free searchable database located on the Houston Association of Realitor's (HAR) website. To see HAR's list of The Oaks of Woodlake residences for sale, you may click on this link. To access HAR's list of rentable properties, click here.
2. Are there any pet restrictions at The Oaks of Woodlake?
  Yes, our property has several regulations regarding the ownership and housing of animals. In general, only dogs, cats, birds and fish are permitted as pets and only animals that will weigh less than 30 lbs at full maturity. No unit may have more than two pets at one time. You may click on this link for a copy of our complete Pet Rules.
3. Are all of the individual condominium units on the property identical?
  No, The Oaks of Woodlake features units with many different sizes and shapes. If you would like to see pictures of the various floor plans on the property, please click here.
4. Are tenants required to pass a background check before renting a unit?
  Prior to leasing a unit, the unit owner must have a criminal background check run on each potential occupant, at the owner's expense. Only criminal background checks obtained through services approved by The Oaks of Woodlake office personnel will be accepted. Criminal background checks will be run per industry standards. Owners are prohibited from (a) leasing their unit to anyone who has been convicted of a felony or (b) allowing a tenant who has been convicted of a felony to reside within their unit.
5. What must a unit owner do prior to renting their unit to a new tenant?
  At least ten days prior to the move-in date of a new tenant, the unit owner must provide the management office with a copy of the signed lease and a notarized statement (signed by the new tenant) stating that the tenant has not been convicted of a felony.
6. What are a new tenant's responsibilities?
  After move-in, tenants must come to the onsite management office to register their pets, fill out some paperwork in the welcome package and receive a resident parking sticker for their vehicle.
7. Does The Oaks of Woodlake Board of Directors hold regular public meetings?
  Yes, our Board of Directors has a regularly scheduled meeting on the third Monday of every month. These meetings are held in The Oaks of Woodlake clubhouse beginning at 7 PM.
8. Is there a method available for learning about the most recent meeting of The Oaks of Woodlake Board of Directors?
  Yes, the minutes of the general session of each month's meeting is available to the public after it has been approved by vote of the Board of Directors; this typically occurs at the start of next meeting. If you would like to access our past meeting minutes, click here.
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